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WIP Weekend – Comic Work

Hi, Ethan here. This weekend I’m working on sketching and laying out some new pages of my comic Black Mudpuppy. One thing you might not expect, is I tend to work very loosely at this stage. Most people are little more than stick figures with some hints at what I want for expression. I also rough in placement of word balloons in advance so I know compositionally how that’ll look. I make a lot more decisions as I ink things, but you’ll notice the focus of the second panel was really Jack’s facial expression,

so that got pretty detailed. Panel 1 and 3 are very rough because I’ll likely be using some photo reference to tighten them up.

Lately, I’ve been giving the sketch a second pass with blue pencil over the red to correct and tighten before inking.

If you guys have any questions about process, by all means ask away!

BMP sketched page



Ethan Kocak writes, draws and otherwise cobbles together comics on the internet.

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