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Science Avatars

Last week on Twitter, I put feelers out asking if anyone would be interested if I did a sale on custom avatars. Little caricature type drawings for US $20. I wanted to earn some extra cash to maybe buy some new salamanders (as is my wont, don’t judge) and maybe pick up a few extra Christmas presents.

Now, I follow, and am followed by a lot of science folks on Twitter. This is partly because I love herpetologists, but also because I am a huge nerd. And so, I suddenly became deluged with requests to do avatars. And it started to go beyond herpetologists: millipedes, fish, and others have now joined in.

Amanda Glaze, @EvoPhD 

I’ve now done close to 50 of these, with orders for about 50 more, which I am working through as fast as I can. I put together a gallery of them over on my deviant art page if you’d like to see them. If you’re interested in commissioning one for yourself or another, you can e-mail me here.


Ethan Kocak writes, draws and otherwise cobbles together comics on the internet.

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