What’s in the stars for New York City?

Apparently you can make an astrological chart for anything with a birth date and time, including cities. Why should they get left out of the fun? Someone over at’s New York site decided to ask professional astrologer Shelley Ackerman to consult the stars about what’s on the horizon for …

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Fauxtography Part 2: “PSYCHO”kinesis

My inspiration this week is telekinesis and psychokinesis. In scouring the nightmare of “scientific” research that is out there on telekinesis/psychokinesis, I actually learned an interesting factoid about the two words. Originally, the word “telekinesis” was used to describe objects being moved by ghosts, demons, imps, or other such supernatural …


The Wonders of Life

So it may be apparent that we here at Mad Art Lab like it when people mix things up a bit when it comes to art and science. Along that vein, I present you the trailer for the upcoming BBC miniseries, Wonders of Life featuring the musical musings of Eric …

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Twitter drawings for all

Hey so I’ve been absent for a little while, my bad. I started a new job in November and have been busy adjusting to my new schedule, and adjust to the fact that I have a job that I LOVE AND WHAT IS THIS FEELING? Ahem. Anyways, the downside to …

A remarkable image of a coil of DNA, from a paper in Nano Letters

Visualizing Biomolecules: X-ray Crystallography

You know you’re a nerd when your tumblr feed lights up with claims like “DNA HELIX PHOTOGRAPHED WITH AN ELECTRON MICROSCOPE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!”. Which is what mine did this past week. We even mentioned this image in the quickies yesterday, linking to an article that blithely repeated the …

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Reconstructing a Face

We did some weird projects in grad school, and the bulk of them were in Ray’s class. Ray is a really cool guy, and even has an IMDB page. He taught intro techniques for anaplastology, or facial prosthetics (post on this subject coming next month). We cast our own ears …

This clustergram uses a red/black/green color scheme.

The Art of Science: Expressing Gene Expression

I might have had the past month of my life swallowed by writing and editing a paper analyzing a massive RNA sequencing data set. And that means that what is on my mind right now is how we visualize massive biological data sets. In particular, RNA sequencing data sets. In …