Hey now, Hank Kingsley.

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My name is Box Brown. I draw comics and I’m a skeptic and sometimes I draw skeptical comics. I’ll be blogging here. I’ll probably be talking comics, for sure, but I love skepticism in all the arts. I was listening to “Science is Real” by They Might Be Giants earlier today and I was nearly moved to tears! So there’s that stuff, too.

I’m actually really excited to finally be using my BA in English, obtained in Dunder Mifflin’s own Scranton, PA exactly 100 years ago. One time I blogged at The Daily Crosshatch.

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  1. You just reminded me that I have to buy ‘Here Comes Science’. I keep forgetting and I have an iTunes gift card burning a hole in my pocket (iPocket? Is that a thing yet? Probably).

  2. Aaaaaaand downloaded. Also, I wanted to try out this direct ‘Reply’ button to see what it looks like. Guess I’ll know in a second.
    EDIT: And now I know.

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