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The Art of the Sclerology Fraud

There is this weird homeopathic/naturopathic “vitamin” store in my neighborhood.  The store is ran by Dr. Frank E. Wyatt.  Here are his credentials.  Yesterday I was walking by and I noticed that their charts are kind of beautiful and colorful.  I did a little search and found some other favorites.






It’s amazing the lengths these hucksters will go to make their “science” seem legitimate.  But, I kind of like these.  They remind of the artist renditions of Star Wars vehicle schematics.


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  1. I’ve been a sucker for charts and diagrams like these since I was a teenager. Back then, I remember calling things like the above images ‘outmoded or dis-proven science’. I remember liking all of the artwork from inside Pearl Jam’s Vitology record. I didn’t realize at the time that most of it was just snake oil.
    There seems to be a lot of mandala-type design in alt med diagrams: balancing both halves of the body on meridian lines or chakra points. Lots of static, focus-less composition. And while these are static in that they are circles, the colors and the phrenology-like proportional differences in the labeled areas make for interesting visuals.
    They also look kinda like cut-aways of the LHC.

  2. Scotty: I’m waiting for some perverted Naturopath to make a chart that depicts the breast. “Now, if I just squeeze here we’ll be able to tell if you’ve got chicken pox”

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