She Was Warned

She was warned. She was non-compliant. Nevertheless, she persisted.

I made a thing! So, I’d (finally) read Bitch Planet, and loved it even more than everything I’d heard would indicate. Is it weird? Yes. Is it over-the-top? Yes. Is it hopefully going to remain satirical? I HOPE THE FSCK SO.

For anyone who hasn’t read the comic, it’s set in this dystopian future where women who don’t sufficiently appease the whims of men are declared “non-compliant” and sent to a prison world informally called Bitch Planet. There’s a mark the women wear, the stenciled letters “NC” for “non-compliant,” that has become so popular among readers that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has compiled Pinterest boards of fan-made tattoos and crafts featuring the NC mark.

Those two little letters have a rather distinctive style, thanks to artist Valentine De Landro. But they’re a little lonely all by themselves, with no alphabet friends. And what if those little letters spoke of an incident of real, widely-known silencing?

"and for your wickedness, your father has cast you out..."
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I’ve been noodling around with this for a while, and even fell down the rabbit hole of trying to make an entire alphabet. (Most difficult: K, V, X, Y, Z. Stuff with angles. I won’t make a “persisted” joke here, but I totally could.) I don’t know if I’m entirely happy with it yet, but I’ve got 26 letters so far.

Do you have other quotes that would look even better using these letters? Let me know in the comments!

Beth Voigt

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