It’s the One That Says “Bad Astronomer”

Happy (one-day-belated) birthday to our favorite Bad Astronomer! Once, back in the day, Phil Plait was cool enough to be featured as one of our scientist paper dolls, and he’s even cooler now. So what is it that makes Phil a hoopy frood? The non-exhaustive list includes:

  • He’s writing for! (It’s a blog called Bad Astronomy and it’s also been hosted in about 47 other places too so you know it’s worth keeping around.)
  • He was part of the Hubble Space Telescope team at NASA! (You can read his thesis, this is the real deal)
  • He’s the author of threeeventuallyfour books! (Including one with Zach Weinersmith – always push the red button!)
  • He was the head science writer for the first season of “Bill Nye Saves the World”! (He didn’t write the song, but… Bill! Bill! Bill!)
  • He hosted and wrote for a super-cool YouTube series! (Which is called Crash Course Astronomy and you should definitely watch it)
  • He’s the technical consultant for the series “Salvation” on CBS! (So if there’s an asteroid on its way, the show won’t have bad advice!)
  • He still runs around to conventions and universities giving talks and being on panels about awesome space stuff!
  • Additionally, he’s a goatherd! (Yes, really!)
But Wait, There’s More

And he remains, of course, a bad as…tronomer! (He’s also a terrible punster, which may or may not make him a hoopy frood depending on your thoughts on puns.)

So, what better way to recognize Phil for his (un)birthday than by resurfacing a drawing of him in his underpants?

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait
Phil Plait paper doll drawn by our much-missed Steve

There it is, in all its glory, the one and only Phil Plait paper doll!

Hope you had a happy birthday, you badas********!

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait as a Cool Ogre Dad
Photo: Jamie Bernstein, at SkepchickCon 2013

P.S. – If you decide to send that cease-and-desist, Steve isn’t here any more. 😉

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