Initiative to Vote

Do you have the initiative to vote?

Can we help you GET the initiative to vote? Here are some questions people often have about voting (click each headline to get answers):

Are you old enough to vote?
A black and white photograph of a large group of children in white t-shirts holding placards that say "I AM A CHILD"
Paola Mendoza and Kisha Bari’s billboard ‘I Am A Child’ appears at N. Main St & Ten Rod Rd. in Rochester, New Hampshire. via For Freedoms
Are you eligible to vote?
a billboard featuring a black and white photo of a young Japanese child surrounded by bags in an internment camp overlaid with the words "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW" in bright red text on a blue stripe
Emily Hanako Momohara’s billboard ‘Child Imprisonment: Never Again’ is Now. Billboard can be seen at I-75 & Vine St in Cincinnati. For Freedoms
Are you registered to vote, or do you live in a state with same-day voter registration?
a large group of varying ethnicities and styles of dress stand together next to the words "WITH LIBERTY & JUSTICE THAT'S ALL"
‘That’s All Folks’ by Jesse Williams was on display in Bakersfield, California. For Freedoms
Do you need to bring anything with you to vote?
A person wearing all black stands in a brown grassy field and points toward the caption "FREEDOM IS NOT GUARANTEED"
FREEDOM IS NOT GUARANTEED, Xaviera Simmons. Billboard at N Roosevelt St & 8th Ave NE in Aberdeen, South Dakota. For Freedoms
Do you know how to get to your polling place?
An illustrated silhouette looks from the right toward a sunrise horizon with the words "RIDE WALK DRIVE MARCH VOTE"
Derrick Adams x 21c, ‘Ode to Bayard Rustin’ is in St. Louis, Missouri. For Freedoms
Do you need help getting to your polling place?
black text on a white background: "May you arrive as part of the family and tread an easy path as you enter" next to Arabic script for "Welcome"
Michael Rakowitz’s ‘Ahlan Wa Salan’ (Welcome) can be seen near I-94 & Co Rd 186 in St. Paul, Minnesota. For Freedoms
Do you know the hours you can vote?
On a grey cloudy background irregularly divided by thin, vertical lines are the words "THE END OF THE WORLD OR THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT"
‘The End of the World’ by Jon Santos is in Flint, Michigan, along I-69 1/2 mile east of I-75. For Freedoms
Can you take time off of work to vote?
An old, sepia-toned photograph of a line of people winding around the outside of a wooden building with the caption "#YOUAREEHERE"
‘You Are Here’ by Karen Ishzuka can be seen in multiple locations around Orlando, Florida. For Freedoms
Do you know who you want to vote for, or do you need help deciding?
A black and white photo of a silhouetted person standing on the steps facing the statue at the Lincoln Memorial, with a caption that reads: "WITH DEMOCRACY IN THE BALANCE, THERE IS ONLY ONE CHOICE."
Carrie Mae Weems, ‘Democracy Hangs in the Balance’, E Brighton Ave & Ainsley Dr, Syracuse, New York. For Freedoms

If you haven’t already, vote tomorrow. Vote like your life depends on it. Even if yours doesn’t, then you know someone’s who does.

a red background with large blue letters VOTE! and smaller overlaid white letters YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT
‘Vote! Your Life Depends On It’ by Deb Kass is on I-95 North, a mile north of Chapel, in Wilmington, Delaware. For Freedoms

There’s your initiative.

Beth Voigt

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