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A New Year’s Treat – We Get Email


We get plenty of email here at The Lab. Most of them are links to cool projects, interesting articles, and other neat-o stuff sent in by our wonderful readers. (Seriously, you all are fantastic with that. Never stop.) But every so often, we get weird-o spam or requests to write guest posts with embedded links to outside websites, for… profit? I don’t know. Anyway, rather than ignore them, we like to have a little fun. And since I have a smartphone and I have the sort of job(s) where I can check my email all the time, I generally respond to the spammers really quickly. Because I like to make my fellow Labbers laugh.

As a little end-of-the-year treat, I’d like to present a sample of the kind of email we receive here at Mad Art Lab.

The following email was sent to us on Christmas Eve. I saw it just before I went to bed and decided to respond, so as to leave a little something under the Backchannel Christmas tree for my Lab pals.




To which I replied:




Full Disclosure: I really did have a 1985 Toyota Camry. And I really did take that trip up and down the New Jersey Turnpike fairly often back in the 90’s. Motor never fell out though. I loved that little car.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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