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A New Year’s Treat – We Get Email

We get plenty of email here at The Lab. Most of them are links to cool projects, interesting articles, and other neat-o stuff sent in by our wonderful readers. (Seriously, you all are fantastic with that. Never stop.) But every so often, we get weird-o spam or requests to write …


Happy Sloth! The most huggable vaccine song ever written!

My friend Greg “Gerg” Perrine wrote a song about vaccines. I feel like he was thinking about me when he wrote this song… though I can’t prove it. But it suspiciously mentions a happy sloth, a moose and “da lady bug”… while the new Hug Me I’m Vaccinated shirts feature …


Amoeboid: Science Fun for a Digital Age

As smartphones increase in popularity, so have smartphone games. This year, The Entertainment Software Association reported that smartphone games are the fastest growing game market in the industry, quickly overtaking dedicated handheld systems like the PSP or Nintendo DS. This surprised me at first, but then I remembered that just …

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Mad Group Art: May 30

Our penultimate Mad Pic Lab word is: Hats Yes, tomorrow is our last day of this project. I hope we come up with a new one… this one has been so much fun. So if you haven’t yet, tip your hat to all the great photos taken over the last …

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Mad Group Art: May 22

Today’s Mad Pic Lab word is: Font Holy crap are you people creative and funny! The Higgs Boson submissions for yesterday were great. I laughed… a lot.  Seriously, Higgs Bison killed me. I’m writing this from the grave. I love you all. And our next 10 days together are going to …

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Mad Group Art: May 21

Today’s word is: Higgs Boson That should be totes easy… good luck! Remember to tag your photo with #MadPicLab This weekend’s pics made me so happy! Especially Saturday’s “happy mouths”… turns out, looking at people smiling like crazy makes me smile like crazy, too! Oh, and great news! I found a …

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Bill Nye the Paper Doll Guy

Ok, I admit, that's a terrible headline. But the paper doll isn't so terrible. Color him in, dress him up, invite some of his friends to come over and hang out. Click for larger view.


AI: Halloween

I love Halloween.  When I was young, my folks would set up a haunted house / mad scientist lab in the basement for the neighborhood kids. My brother and I used to put a rubber bat on a pulley in the tree near our sidewalk that I would drop down …