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Mad Group Art: May 22


Today’s Mad Pic Lab word is: Font

Holy crap are you people creative and funny! The Higgs Boson submissions for yesterday were great. I laughed… a lot.  Seriously, Higgs Bison killed me. I’m writing this from the grave. I love you all. And our next 10 days together are going to be the best last 10 days of a project ever!

And if you’re still not involved yet because you don’t know what to take pictures of, come on, yesterday people were forced to take pictures of a sub atomic particle that we don’t even know exists. You can do this. It’s just one photo.
Higgs Bison:

Source: Beth Kingsley via Elyse on Pinterest


Source: :Lauren T via Elyse on Pinterest

An homage to Maki

Source: Anne S via Elyse on Pinterest

And today I am reaplacing mine with Eskeptrical Engineer’s dog, who ate her Higgs Boson

Source: Eskeptrical Engineer via Elyse on Pinterest


Have fun today, everyone!

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