Flowers photographed in the stratosphere

Mad Quickies: The Male Gaze in Art, Flowers in Space, The Animals of Tatooine and More!

Oh, hello there. Donna is currently abroad, searching out a good location for Mad Art Lab Island. So you’re stuck with me today. But fear not! I’ve gathered some truly lovely links for you all. Because I think you’re just the fanciest folks around. Like, really super-fancy. I’m not gonna lie. After we saw this tree that grows 40 different kinds of fruits at once, we knew we... »

Five Great Novelty Education Songs for When You’re Done With Word Crimes

Five Great Novelty Education Songs for When You’re Done With Word Crimes

As Ryan posted today, thanks to Weird Al, it’s been a great week for nerds lying at the intersection of music and education.  To commemorate, here are five of my favorite all time educational songs of a humorous bent:   5. Tom Lehrer: New Math.  Lehrer’s song mocking the difficulty of New Math’s approach towards subtraction in different base systems is itself actually a real... »


Logophile Tuesday – Word Crimes

Over the last couple weeks, my first and greatest musical love, Weird Al Yankovic released eight new videos to promote his new album Mandatory Fun. Among them was Word Crimes, a delightful tour of linguistic pedantry. Share and enjoy. »

Lab Track: Take Me to Church

Lab Track: Take Me to Church

While at first glance the title of this week’s Lab Track might suggest that our readership is the wrong audience for this song, trust me when I say that we’re exactly right. “Take Me To Church” is a soulful, moving track by Irish singer-songwriter Hozier about sex, religion, and defying the confines the latter places on the former. Mother Jones interviewed Hozier about the ... »

Lego Hubble Telescope

Mad Quickies: Cartoon Theme Songs Done Early 90s R&B Style, Lego Hubble, Anti-NSA Light Graffiti and More!

Here we are again. Listen: I’m going to make your Monday better by serving up these here links. They will make you think, gasp (GASP!) and laugh. I promise. You (YES YOU) can make a Lego Hubble Telescope a reality. Comic book maps through the ages: See a map of the Batcave from 1968. There’s a T-rex in the Trophy Room, obviously. Anti-NSA messages projected onto the US embassy in Berli... »

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