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Mad Quickies: Wiry Art, Starry Miniatures, Happy Grass, Glowing Cocktails for SCIENCE and More!

Hello, my friends. I’ve got some cool links for you—from art to activism. Let’s get to it!

This dude makes wiry sculptures: some whimsical, some beautiful, all interactive with their environment…

Complex Bent Wire Portraits by Spenser Little Become Street Post Accessories

“California-based artist Spenser Little has spent the past 15 years creating sculptures by bending and cutting wire into figurative portraits and phrases. His lightweight pieces have been installed on lamp posts and other existing structures around the world and have also been exhibited in numerous gallery shows.”


Samy Al Olabi is an astrophotographer who uses miniatures and talks about his stunning work.

I’m A Collector Of Antiques And A Fan Of Astronomy So I Combine These Two In My Miniature Photography

“I photograph dioramas, miniatures and still life with the stars and the Milky Way aiming to create realistic scenes and conceptual abstract art. What I love the most about photography is that it is a language that can be understood by everyone.”

“I was passionate about Astronomy since I was a child, and Astrophotography was for me a perfect match: it combined my love for astronomy, my love for nature and landscapes with adventures, travel, and camping. This beautiful recipe is just perfect for me.”


Here’s an interesting thing…

Researchers can guess where you’re from by how colors make you feel

“Whether you see red, feel blue, or go green with envy may depend on what country you call home, a new study suggests. And when given data on how a person associated colors with emotions, researchers could correctly predict where they were from 80% of the time.”


No, it’s not what you might think but it’s still pretty cool.

Happy Grass

“This microphotograph shows a cross-section of a blade of grass, and the structures inside. Some of those structures are vascular bundles, and they’re showing their little smiley faces! Maybe they are happy because they have water. In a discussion at StackExchange, those who know say this is one of the species of grass that has adapted to live in dry areas, such as a desert, and the blade curls up to protect the side that absorbs water. A commenter named Always Confused tells us more about the grass.”


A very colorful, very fun group of teeny shorts! One is included here but go view all the rest!

Gorgeous Glowing Cocktails That Are Drinkable Science Experiments Taking Place Inside Fun Novelty Glasses

“Viscosity cocktail bar in Fortitude Valley, Queensland Australia serves up some gorgeous glowing cocktails that are essentially imbibable science experiments that take place inside a novelty glass. Each drink is made with liquids of different weights (or viscosities) so that interesting designs can be made on the spot.”




I love LOVE that this man is leveraging his celebrity and personal charisma to speak out

Jason Momoa Continues Being the Living Embodiment of Aquaman With a UN Speech on Climate Change

“Jason Momoa may be a movie star, but he has been mostly making news recently for being a climate change activist and helping to protect Native land from being trampled on. Momoa, who is of Native Hawaiian ancestry, has been participating in attempting to stop the Thirty Meter Telescope project from being constructed atop a volcano in Hawaii, Mauna Kea, that is considered sacred to Native people. Momoa was chosen to represent the small islands nations at the United Nations General Assembly’s SAMOA Pathway Review.”




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