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Mad Quickies 3.18


In the same style of the Skepchick Quickies, every Friday, I will share some interesting links that have to do with art and science or skepticism. I would do it everyday but I don’t think there are enough links that merge art, science or skepticism to warrant daily (yet) but a weekly wrap-up seems just about right! If YOU see anything interesting in your adventures in life or on the web that you’d like us to share please send us links via the contact link at the top of the page.

• This is officially on my wish list! An relatively affordable 3D printer called a, “MakerBot.” Oh, man I would have fun with that! And check out the video of the 7 year old who explains how to use it. Cute overload! Sent in via twitter from @hjalti

• Take a look at the ART OF SCIENCE gallery from Princeton. Interactive, educational and inspiring! It’s a little dated but still beautiful and inspiring!

• Learn about how scientists have identified why the bright yellow in some Van Gogh paintings are turning brown. Art AND chemistry. WIN! Sent in by A.Real.Girl

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