Useful or Artful?

The AxiDraw from a recent quickies brought up a question that has been rolling around in my engineer/artist brain for a while. It is a stellar example in a long line of projects that are beautiful, mesmerizing to watch, and yet I would never buy.  See this egg bot, dry …


Is Custom Clothing the Future?

A few months ago Mad Art Lab quickies mentioned the 3D printed Petal dress shown above. It is really cool.  REALLY cool. But as anyone who has ever worn sequins can attest, it is probably impractical.  How do you sit down?  On the petals?  Not comfortable. The company behind the Petal dress, Nervous …

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Mad Art Cast and The Orbital Mechanics of Starkiller Base

Welcome to the latest episode of Mad Art Cast! We have a special guest! Joining us this week is Mindy Townsend who is a lawyer who has now decided to get a physics degree! Her interest? Space! That not enough to convince you that she is fabulous? Well in her …

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Build an Art Machine for the SciFri Science Club!

The public radio program Science Friday recently announced an awesome new feature: Science Club! Inspired by a book club, where everyone reads the same book and then comes together to discuss, the Science Club asks everyone to go away and do the same science project and share the results with …

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MaKey MaKey DDR Pads

I’m back to share with you the very first contraption I rigged up with my MaKey MaKey kit: dance pads for playing Flash Flash Revolution more like the game it imitates. (If you missed my first post that explains the concept of the MaKey MaKey, you should check it out …

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Making Keys with MaKey MaKey!

Ever wanted to play a banana piano? It’s possible with MaKey MaKey! Back in June, I helped* Kickstart the production of a kit that allows you to turn anything that’s a little bit conductive into a button, control, or key. The MaKey MaKey is a panel that you connect to …


Scenes from a MAL: FLAVABOOM!

The Mad Art Lab backchannel is a treasure trove of information, resources and goofiness. Sometimes mostly goofiness. Here’s an excerpt from last week: From: Brian G To: madartlab Subject: Since you’ve all been so great Imma treat you all to a little Flavaboom BOOM!


MadArtBot: Designing 3D Things

So, you’ve probably noticed that we at Mad Art Lab have been playing with 3D printers. Lots of fun, these things. You can take designs on your computer and print them off as actual, physical objects. How cool is that? But you might be thinking to yourself, “What could I …