New Paper Doll! Flat Matt

Our fabulous collection of scientist paper dolls has a new addition: physicist Matt Lowry!

Matt teaches high school and college physics, spreading SCIENCE! throughout the land and fomenting awesomeness in our future. A self-described skeptic, he believes in Carl Sagan’s adage that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

He describes his teaching-by-example style as “sacrificing myself for science”, often performing demonstrations that challenge a number of woo-y claims such as walking on broken glass, board breaking, and the always-intimidating bed of nails. He’s also done a bit of firewalking, and can, in detail, explain that Santa cannot possibly be a real man, because physics.

A friend to MAL and Skepchick, he promotes science education and critical thinking among his students and…well, everyone, really. He usually attends CONvergence with us, participating in both parties and panels including the ever-popular “Ask A Scientist.” Unfortunately, he was unable to join us this year, but thanks to Brian‘s fabulous drawing skill and speed we were able to bring Flat Matt to the party!


We're glad you made it safely, sir.
Science Officer Flat Matt approves of Buzzed Aldrins in the Skepchick Space Lab!


Red Bull it ain't.
Flat Matt tried the Rocket Fuel in the Skepchick Space Lab and gained superpowers!


mmm, beverages.
I gave the paper doll to Nicole, and Emily decided he was thirsty while waiting for the next panel to begin.


We missed you at CONvergence this year!

Want to take your own Flat Matt out on science-y adventures? Here’s the whole shebang, with a bonus pair of deedlyboppers for his noggin.

Matt Lowry paper doll
click to embiggen!

Want to know more about Matt? Check out his blog, The Skeptical Teacher, where he expounds upon various topics related to skepticism, science, and education.

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