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A bridge made from sheets of paper

Mad Quickies: A Bridge Made From Paper, The Stuntwomen of Mad Max, Walking Through a Van Gogh Painting and More!

Hey, look: We’re halfway through the week and I have what you need to get you to the other side. WEDNESDAY QUICKIES. Holy hell! Courtesy of environmental artist Steve Messam, a small English river now has an arched bridge made from 22,000 sheets of bright red paper. OCR Journal #001 is a new book by one of the top data visualization studios. Check. It. Out. -Via Donna Just how hardcore were ... »

Censored Picasso Painting

Mad Quickies: Censored Picasso, Robin Williams Nesting Dolls, Realistic Animal Lollipops and More!

Hey gang, I’m here on this lovely Friday to bring you the Quickies that you need. Big thanks to Donna for covering for me on Wednesday. She’s the very best and we all know it! While reporting on a Picasso painting that set a sales record at auction earlier this week, my local Fox News affiliate here in NYC chose to blur the breasts of the figures in the painting. However, they left the... »

empathy card by emily mcdowell

Mad Quickies: Ruined Mosaics, Empathy Cards, Amy Schumer and More!

Hey gang, we got up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit here in Brooklyn yesterday, so I guess we’re just skipping right over Spring. But you know what we won’t skip? Your Wednesday Quickies! Dig in. Uh oh. We’ve seen this sort of thing before: There is an investigation over the condition of at least 10 Roman mosaics at the Hatay Archaeology Museum in Turkey. It looks as if the mosaics have... »

Cookie Monster and Captain Americauliflower

Mad Quickies: Sesame Street/Avengers Parody, Botanical Mazes, Out-of-Control Russian Spacecraft and More!

Hey gang, let’s take a moment to marvel at some wonderful things midway thru this hell-week. Shall we? One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet, is wander my way through a botanical maze. Here’s a bunch of them for you to wish you were trapped in. I’m really in awe of these large format photographs of opera houses around the world by photographer David... »

The dragon advances

Mad Quickies: Site-Specific Illusions, Touring a Nebula, 7-Year-Old Comic Book Author and More!

As Donna mentioned on Wednesday, she and I have switcheroo-ed our posting days this week. I hope I do her proud with this installment of Friday Quickies. Mary Doyle Keefe, the model for Norman Rockwell’s iconic 1943 Rosie the Riveter painting, has died at the age of 92. – Via Amy Here is the scientific guide to the mythic beasts of Game of Thrones that you requested. – Via Courtney Nat... »

Inbox screenshot

Mad Quickies: The “Amy’s Wonky Email” Edition

So here’s the thing: Our Lab Chief and Dear Leader, Surly Amy, had something strange going on with her email. For whatever reason, all of the emails she sent to our Super Secret Backchannel that contained links for articles of cool and interesting things, going back as far as February, did not send. By her own account, she just thought that Donna and I didn’t think her links were worth... »

Error message received from trying to photoshop money

Mad Quickies: Mammoth Is Mopey, Molten Glass on Paper, AfroPuffs and More!

Hey gang. Sorry I haven’t been around, but I have a good excuse. I was working on a big ol’ mural of the New Horizons probe! It’s not that I don’t love you all. It’s just that I love that little spacecraft more. But anyway, I have returned to bring you your mid-week Quickies. Our SciArt pals, David and Jennie Orr, have an IndieGoGo campaign to publish their alphabet b... »

Detail of kinetic sculpture by Jennifer Townley

Mad Quickies: Kinetic Sculptures, Anamorphic Chalk Murals, Portraits of Women Artists and More!

Hey there gang. It’s been a busy week for me so far. But I’m never too busy to share some Quickies with you, Darlene. Let’s start things off right. Check out these fantastic kinetic sculptures by Jennifer Townley that use *gasp* math and science and stuff! From the artist’s statement: “The works derive from her fascination with science, with an emphasis on physics, en... »

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