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One of the fun things about writing for Mad Art Lab is that, via analytics, we can see all of the different ways in which people find us. Readers end up here by many avenues – some people just ‘know’ of us and come straight here, some people link from other websites, some let their cat walk on the keyboard and then press ‘Enter’. And then there are those who are searching for a particular keyword or phrase and Presto! – Mad Art Lab is returned in the search results. And these search terms are fascinating.

Now some might use these analytics to come up with better ways to funnel traffic to their website. But here at Mad Art Lab we’ve decided to take a different approach. When we find an interesting phrase in our Mad Keyword Search Analytics, one of us will use it as a creative jumping-off point.

For example: About two weeks ago someone found Mad Art Lab (and I’m not making this up) by searching for the phrase ‘potato head flat ears‘. I don’t know what that is. And I can’t replicate the search. I just… um… Anyway, I could not let such rich and vivid imagery pass by without being inspired. Therefore, I present to you an artistic representation of this search term.




Addendum: Just this past weekend, after I had written this article, someone searched for “flat potato head”. I don’t know what’s going out in there in the world, but I hope it doesn’t stop.



Brian George

Brian George is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In his spare time he makes videos of Spirograph drawings and complains about doing laundry. Website: Twitter: @brianggeorge Insta: @brianggeorge If you're into what I'm doing, feel free to throw down a bit in my tipjar here: @brianggeorge

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  1. Fantastic idea! Not only is it funny, but it’s also an expression of how fundamentally different communication has become in this age-o-intertubes. Marshall McLuhan would be proud. 🙂

  2. Here’s my main message: you, sir, are the bee’s knees, as are your graphite potato head flat ears.

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