Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Wee Little Drawings, A Clock That Saws Itself In Half, Illustrated Skateboard Tricks and More!

I love finding links for you. That’s why I put them here every week. We can enjoy them together. And then we’ll have something to talk about over dinner on Sunday. Are you still coming over?

As a lover and owner of many 000 and 0000 paint brushes, I can’t tell you how happy these teeny, wee little drawings and paintings by Lorraine Loots make me.

These whimsical yet functional home furnishings by Weng Xinyu are beautiful and sorta bonkers.

I was a teenaged skateboarder. So these classic skateboard trick posters by John Rebaud are exactly what I would have had tacked to my ceiling back then.

Oh I love these! “Glitch” photography by Sabato Visconti. Also, a cool interview with the artist and more pictures here.

How about these super-sweet, strange and lovely staircases, huh?

Whoa. Archaeologists unearth a (likely) 5000 year-old monument in Israel.




Bonus video! The math behind Beethoven’s music.




Featured image by Sabato Visconti

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Brian George

Brian George

Brian George is an illustrator who lives and works in the Van Beardswick neighborhood of Brooklyn. His fierce love of cheesecake is often (but not always) thwarted by his intolerance for lactose. He will draw and paint for your amusement (‘amusement’ is archaic Etruscan slang for ‘money’). Visit his portfolio, follow his tweets @brianggeorge or on G+

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