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Mad Quickies: Wee Little Drawings, A Clock That Saws Itself In Half, Illustrated Skateboard Tricks and More!


I love finding links for you. That’s why I put them here every week. We can enjoy them together. And then we’ll have something to talk about over dinner on Sunday. Are you still coming over?

As a lover and owner of many 000 and 0000 paint brushes, I can’t tell you how happy these teeny, wee little drawings and paintings by Lorraine Loots make me.

These whimsical yet functional home furnishings by Weng Xinyu are beautiful and sorta bonkers.

I was a teenaged skateboarder. So these classic skateboard trick posters by John Rebaud are exactly what I would have had tacked to my ceiling back then.

Oh I love these! “Glitch” photography by Sabato Visconti. Also, a cool interview with the artist and more pictures here.

How about these super-sweet, strange and lovely staircases, huh?

Whoa. Archaeologists unearth a (likely) 5000 year-old monument in Israel.




Bonus video! The math behind Beethoven’s music.




Featured image by Sabato Visconti

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