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Mad Quickies: Trump Tracts, Drawing Machines, Art Crimes and WAY MORE!


Well hey there pals. This week has been… interesting (?) so far. And I have a feeling it’s only the beginning. So I bring to you this respite – this mid-week oasis of Good Things. It’s your Wednesday Quickies. Let’s?

First things first- These dancing avatars seem, at first glance, to be costumed folks. However… Oh just watch! There’s motion capture and computer generated graphics. It’s so SO cool and mesmerizing. -via Beth


Is it time to retire The Punisher? -via Courtney

Powerpuff Girls has been renewed for another season! -Via Donna

I want one of these automatic drawing machines SOOOOOOOOOO badly!!! I would use it like a giant spirograph.

You’ve probably heard of Chick Tracts, but now there are Trump Tracts and you can print them out and maybe if you’re near Cleveland you can, I don’t know, leave some lying around???

Director Ava Duvernay is bringing a documentary about mass incarceration to Netflix. -Via Courtney

Reader, you know I love my miniatures. So here’s teeny wee little dwellings made inside of test tubes by Rosa de Jong!



Featured image via Ethan Persoff

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