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Mad Quickies: The Smallest Sculptures Ever Created, Cymatics, Walls of Snow and More!

Hey gang, take my hand and come on a magical Art and Science journey with me. It’s not actually magic but it may as well be.

Okay let’s start with the coolest thing. Cymatics is the study of visible sound via vibration. It is also the title of a ridiculously wonderful music video by Nigel Stanford that demonstrates the phenomenon in many different ways. I could watch this all day. I’ve also pasted the video below so you can watch it over and over again along with me. -Via Kyle

London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz created the sculptures in the following link using a 3D printing technique called Multiphoton Lithography, which “hardens specific parts of the photosensitive material, allowing the soft materials to be removed and the sculpture to remain intact“. Cool, right? Oh I forgot to mention, these sculptures are about the size of a human sperm. Seriously. I almost don’t believe it.

This one hits all the right notes for me – Gorgeous pencil drawings of lips that are actually comprised of things like trees and bodies and so on by Christo Dagorov.

So as I write this on Tuesday evening, the whole country is having a bit of a cold snap. But Buffalo, New York got smashed by a literal wall of snow. I’m not kidding. Look at these amazing pictures and be sure to watch the short video clip. Ooof.

You’ve seen the comet 67P in scale next to cities and other large things to show how big it is. But have you seen it next to a Mole (6.02 x 1023) of salt grains or 1 trillion dollars? No. You have not. But click here and you can.

I have an inexplicable ‘thing’ for corners and angles. Maybe it’s because trigonometry was the only bit of math I was decent at. But photographer Zhenya Aerohockey gets me. Lovely photos of simple angles.




This is bananas.



Featured image by Jonty Hurwitz

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