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Mad Quickies: The Best GIFs I’ve Ever Seen, Two Links About Penis Art, Objects That Do Not Exist and More!


Well, we’ve made it to Wednesday and I’m feeling pretty good. I feel so good that I’ve sat down and found all the coolest links, cobbled together some more that other humans have sent in, and put them all here. I did this because you all look so nice today. Did you do something different with your hair? It really suits you.

I barely know how to begin describing this. You know those running programs that show a map and track your run with a highlighted route? Well it’s a perfect, untapped canvas for drawing dicks. I give you, Claire Wyckoff, who has a Tumblr full of running drawings. -Via Anne

Here are some objects that do not exist. -Via Courtney

A comic artist who doesn’t understand how criticism works has sent DMCA takedown requests to Escher Girls. Enter, the Streisand Effect.

I truly love a good abandoned building, but these Soviet-era abandoned places by Rebecca Litchfield take the cake.

Nothing but crocheted penises. -Via Lauren

From the Department of I Have Not Seen Guardians of the Galaxy YetWhat real-life plants could Groot have evolved from? -Via Smashley

These video loops and GIFs by Erdal Enci are probably the best ever. He clones himself and then goes to town. I posted a video loop below too.

Lovely and heartbreaking: An artist memorializes those killed in World War One by installing 5000 ice figurines outdoors where they melt away.

This Minecraft mod turns the blocky world into a gorgeously lit, extremely detailed wilderness. Video below as well.









Featured image by Felice Varini

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