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Mad Quickies: Tattoos Come Alive, Ancient Greek Star Wars Sculptures, Art Crimes and More!

Hey gang, I’ve scoured far and wide to bring you these sweet things from the World of The Internet. Won’t you take a few moments to enjoy them?

This week in Art Crimes! Lots of stealing this week.

Speaking of thieves… er, the auction market, a painting by early 20th century artist Amedeo Modigliani sold for $170.4 million. This is apparently the 2nd highest price ever paid at auction.

Let’s talk about Star Wars again for a moment – French Artist Travis Durden has reimagined some Star Wars characters as classical Greek sculptures. Check out Vader’s luscious quaff!

Wha? Look at this animation by astronomer Mark Showalter that shows how the ridiculous moons of Pluto rotate and wobble around our favorite dwarf planet. What are they even doing?

Argentina-based artist Luciano Del Fabro uses old scientific sketches and diagrams as inspiration for his tattoo design work.

I saved the best for last – what if your tattoo could seemingly come to life? I’m not gonna explain the process because I believe what is depicted is straight-up magic. Video below as well.-Via Anne


There is no post-production on these tattoos. NONE.

Featured image via Travis Durden

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