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Mad Quickies: Star Wars, Submerged Monasteries, Street Art and More!


Happy mid-week, gang! The temperature is dropping, the smell of Autumn is in the air, so I baked up these Wednesday Quickies just for you. Dig in!

Autumn means Halloween. And Halloween means scary costumes (to some of you). Look no further than Mario Chiodo’s frickin’ terrifying masks to get the neighbors to fork over their Milky Ways. -Via Critical Dragon

Autumn also, also means that Winter will soon be here, and with it, the new Star Wars movie. Here’s a throwback – Cops: Star Wars Style. -Via Critical Dragon

Also, also, also, here’s the new Star Wars trailer and a shot-by-shot breakdown.

This kind of blew my mind – Because of drought, an abandoned monastery has appeared out of the waters of a reservoir in Mexico.

When is a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat not (maybe, possibly) a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat?

I love street art. I love typography. (so do you, by the way). So this work by artist Michael Pederson really does the trick.



Featured image via Disney/Lucasfilm

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  1. Brian George,

    Speaking of Star Wars, did you hear about this?  A bunch of racist idiots are angry that the main character in the new Star Wars is a black man, and so they’ve started the #BoycottStarsWarsIIV hashtag on twitter.  Personally I hope they do go through with it.  Disney / Lucas Films won’t even notice, and we’ll get to enjoy “The Force Awakens” without any racist Nazi storm trooper wannabes around.

    By the way, what Wonkette wrote about them, is hilarious!


    White Power Morans: Jews Stoled Our American Star Wars And Gived It To The Blacks!

  2. Bri- So many cool things but I’m really partial to the street typography. Frankly, I could use that Breathing Recalibration Station.

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