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Mad Quickies: Space Probes, Kooky Ceramics, Endangered Paper Archive Digitization and More!

Good morning you lovely humans. We have a lots of links to look at together. So let’s get started before the coffee wears off. Onward!

You’ve probably seen the photography of Daantje Bons scattered here and there around the internet. Well here’s more, along with some of her thoughts about gender, conformity and stereotypes. (NSFW) – Via Amy

I couldn’t possibly love this more AND I WISH I’D THOUGHT OF IT FIRST – Every space probe along with it’s distance from the Earth. – Via Donna

You’ve already seen this by now but I’m showing you again – A human skeleton found inside a statue of Buddha.

So what do contemporary artists make with ceramics? Amazing-ness like this – 8 artists who do some truly bonkers things with ceramics. – Via Amy

For her Masters thesis at the University of West Hungary, graphic designer Barbara Bernát created new designs for the Hungarian Euro. Each note features an animal on the front and related plants on the back. But the best part is that she worked in a security feature: When under UV light the skeletons of the animals are revealed. How rad is that?!

Paper archives are constantly under threat of fire, flood, age, insects and plenty of other destructive forces. So the British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme has funded nearly 246 projects in 78 countries to preserve and digitize archives at risk of extinction.



You know that whole thing about how a feather and a bowling ball will fall at the same rate if dropped from a height in a vacuum? Well now you can see it happen.



Featured Image by Barbara Bernát

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