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Mad Quickies: Space Invaders Rugs, Unspeakably Gorgeous Libraries, Overly Complicated Light Switch Covers and More!


Hey all. Brian here with your midweek Quickies. I’m not gonna lie, there’s another Bowie GIF here and it’s probably my favorite one. I’m tempted to make every link go to this GIF. But I won’t… this time.

You’ve probably seen this already, but I want you to see it again. Bowie’s hairstyles, throughout the years, in one beautifully animated GIF.

Retail find – Space Invaders shaped rugs!

Lovely maps from the Atlas of Design.

I wish I had more light switches so I could buy ALL of these overly complicated light switch covers.

She’s back! Jeeyoung Lee has created more gorgeous, surreal worlds inside her tiny studio. Love!

Oh good gravy MORE unbelievably frickin’ amazing libraries. I could look at these all day. And I probably will.




Saw this rad-ness while floating along the internets. Ultramod, space-saving furniture. A little older but… So. Cool.



Featured image by Jeeyoung Lee.


Lego room by Jeeyoung Lee

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