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Mad Quickies: Solar Dynamics Observatory’s 100 Millionth Image of the Sun, Tiny Robotic Snowplow, Light Bulb Sculpture and More!

Well, I happily made it through the W I N T E R S T O R M. Since there was no subway service until noon-ish, I couldn’t go to work. So I spent the day drawing, like a good little artist. But I’m also putting together these Quickies for you. And for some reason, they’re weighted pretty heavily on the astronomical side. I like that and so will you.

Let’s begin with something topical – This super-cute little robotic snowplow turns snow into compact bricks. We should get one and build a snow pyramid together. -Via Donna

Artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett have created an interactive sculpture made from repurposed light bulbs called New Moon. By using a turnstyle, viewers to cycle the giant sphere of bulbs through the phases of the moon.

The folks at the Chandra X-ray Observatory have released 5 new gorgeous composite images to celebrate the United Nations’ Year of Light.

Here’s your favorite new GIF – The Dawn spacecraft is on it’s way the Ceres in the asteroid belt and the images are getting better and betterer. Did I mention the GIF?

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has taken it’s 100 MILLIONTH image of the sun. Ooof. I don’t know what it is but images from the SDO always make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Artist Olivia Muus has shown that even the subjects of artwork in museums like taking selfies. I can’t be helped.


My Sun!

Featured image by NASA/Goddard/SDO

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