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Mad Quickies: Sesame Street/Avengers Parody, Botanical Mazes, Out-of-Control Russian Spacecraft and More!

Hey gang, let’s take a moment to marvel at some wonderful things midway thru this hell-week. Shall we?

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t yet, is wander my way through a botanical maze. Here’s a bunch of them for you to wish you were trapped in.

I’m really in awe of these large format photographs of opera houses around the world by photographer David Leventi.

Uh oh. The Russian spacecraft, Progress 59, began spinning out of control shortly after launch. The video is dizzying, yet strangely mesmerizing.

Art Spiegleman’s Pulitzer-winning graphic novel, Maus, seems to have disappeared from the shelves of Moscow bookstores. -Via Donna

This is pretty genius – an ‘artist’ by the name of Wanksy has been painting penises on and around potholes in their town in order to get the local council to fix them. -Via Amy

The colors! Unreal photographs of Los Angeles at night, taken from a helicopter.

Archaeologists have discovered liquid mercury under an ancient Mesoamerican site.

This is a whole different kind of flat-pack table.



Here is the Sesame Street / Avengers parody that you’ve been waiting for. Hell, We’ve all been waiting for it. -Via CriticalDragon



Featured image via Sesame Workshop

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