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Mad Quickies: Scanner Bed Astronomy, Imaginary Street Maps, Dancing Paper Cranes and More!


I have some Mad Art Cast business to attend to (I have to watch a movie… for research), so I’m gonna cut the the chase: HERE ARE YOUR WEDNESDAY QUICKIES.

You tried to do this at your office holiday party, but artist Navid Baraty has taken scanning full moons to a whole new level (get it?). He throws particular stuff on a copier bed, scans and voila! gorgeous, imaginary astronomical images.

In other astronomy news: 9 Historical Mysteries Solved By Astronomy.

I can’t describe how inspiring and beautiful this is, so just go see for yourself – A little girl emulates black heroines in photos. -Via Emily

These are way cool and I want to go to some of these places even though they don’t exist – street maps of imaginary places by Emily Garfield. -Via Donna

Whoa what?! The women of the Supreme Court as Lego minifigs. This is a glorious day. -Via Donna, too

If you haven’t seen these dancing paper cranes from Ugoita yet, well I don’t know what to do with you. Just look at them already! -Via Anne



Bonus video! This sweet little hummingbird is eating right out of this person’s hand. It has made my evening. -Via Sarafina



Featured image by Navid Baraty

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