Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Real-Time Lightning Tracker, Golden Ratio Viewfinder, Art Crimes and More!

Oh hi there, dear readers. Yr pal Brian has some real good treats for you today. Do grab a beverage to sip, get comfy and delight in the wonderment that is the Wednesday Quickies.

Let’s peruse today’s ART CRIMES.

A neural network that uses “Machine-learning techniques that mimic human recognition and dreaming processes” to search for exoplanets? Yes indeed. -Via Amy

Majestic – 12 Disney Princesses Reimagined as Cats Reimagined as Sharks That Are Not Disney Princesses. -Via Ryan and Ashley J

Okay, I want these embedded in a pair of glasses – A transparent viewfinder for observing the Golden Ratio in the world around us. -Via Donna

I had a feeling that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was something out of a comic book. Looks like I wasn’t wrong – Trudeau appears in a variant cover of Marvel’s Civil War II. -Via Beth

This one’s got the Internet in quite a tizzy – Author Mur Lafferty’s “The Shambling Guide to NYC” and “Ghost Train to New Orleans” have been optioned by Netflix! -Via Donna

Director James Cameron has opinions about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Good for you James. Good for you. -Via Courtney

Sweet baby Jesus! A website that tracks lightning strikes all over the world… IN REAL TIME!!! This is truly a gift. -Via Jim


Featured image via Areaware

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