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Mad Quickies: Prosthetic Glitter Cannon, Trump Tombstone in Central Park, Art Crimes and More!


Hey gang, it’s only Wednesday and I have a feeling most of you are already done with this week. I know I am. So let’s take a breather from the news cycle and indulge in today’s Quickies, okay?

Let’s start with some radness from a 10-year-old who has constructed her very own glitter cannon prosthetic arm. Yes you read that correctly. Video below. -Via Donna

Here’s some weirdness – A tombstone for Donald Trump mysteriously appeared in Central Park but was removed by park officials.

I made my own hanging lamps out of jars. They look cool. However, I didn’t think to make them into small terrarium lamps like Nui Studios. And now I wish I had.

Amateur astronomers may have just witnessed something slamming into Jupiter. I love these animations.

Sougwen Chung is an artist and research affiliate in MIT’s Media Lab. She has collaborated with developer Yotam Mann to create a robot arm that can draw. Not only that, using an overhead camera, it mimics the motions of Chung while she draws. In contemplating the forth-coming robot apocalypse and its relation to art, MALer Jim says: “Smashcut to the artist’s bleached, white skeleton and the robot arm still drawing away.” But seriously, this is amazing. Video below. -Via Donna

Your. Weekly. Art. Crimes.



Featured image via @sachinrb/Instagram)



Glitter Cannon!



Our future art overlord: The robot drawing arm. All Hail.

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