Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Password-Dispensing Banana, Guys Boudoir Photoshoots, TurtleCam and More!

It’s Monday. I’ve been “stuck” in my apartment all weekend because of the 30 inches of snow we got here in Brooklyn. So naturally I spent the whole weekend drunk searching out the very best the internet has to offer you fine folks. Go forth and click!

Could glow-in-the-dark trees someday replace streetlights? I think that would look pretty amazing. -Via Amy

Smashley said it best when she sent this in – “This is silly, but also makes a pretty striking point about how we see women’s bodies as sexual and men’s bodies as funny.” What If Guys Did Boudoir Photo Shoots?

Art and science in a new exhibition Natural History Museum of London. “American artist Michael Benson used raw data from deep space missions by NASA and the European Space Agency to create vividly detailed images of our solar system, all displayed with a sound track by acclaimed music composer Brian Eno.” -Via Amy

Let’s face it – You’re never going to make it to Hamburg, Germany to visit Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest miniature train set. But now you don’t have to because Google has photographed the whole thing so that we can explore it in Streetview!

This capacitive banana dispenses wifi passwords. Just… just read the article.

A TurtleCam? A TURTLECAM!!!



Featured Image via Google

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