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Mad Quickies: Orchestral Hip Hop, Amelia Earhart, Ceres in Motion and More!


Hey gang, it’s your old pal Brian here to help you get thru the rest of the week with some top notch Quickies. As a sidenote, I’m listening to the band Chastity Belt while writing this. You should get on that. Thank me later.

As the New Horizons probe nears Pluto, I’m all about the dwarf planets. So Imagine my delight when I saw this animation of the rotation of Ceres based on images from Nasa’s Dawn probe.

The history of Hip Hop as performed by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Check out that list of songs!

Newly found footage of Amelia Earhart taken shortly before her last voyage is now available.

Kiss the rest of your day goodbye – A database of wildlife photos from the Serengheti. -Via Donna

Here are the funny, techno-natural murals by Wes21 that you requested.

These ethereal night-time-yet-somehow-lighted photos by Mikko Lagerstedt have me breathless and also wondering how the hell did he do that?

Here’s that Ceres animation that I’m flipping out over.


Featured image via Nasa/JPL

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