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Mad Quickies: New OK Go Video, Google Street Art Project, Frida Kahlo’s Garden and More!


It starting to get pretty warm out, my friends. Keep cool with these hand-picked Quickies. Also Lemonade or beer or whiskey on the rocks. Whatever you like, really.

OK Go has a new video and it’s FULL of optical illusions. Such a fun and amazing video.

Ever wish you could explore the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in pixel form? Now you can!

Photographer Dan Bannino takes fad diets and presents them as if they were classical still life paintings. Features celebrity diets.

Using X-rays and infrared imaging, conservators at the Phillips Collection in Washington have discovered a previously unknown portrait beneath Picasso’s painting, The Blue Room.

Mark your calendars, next year the New York Botanical Garden will present an exhibit about Frida Kahlo that will feature her paintings, and a re-creation of her studio and garden at Casa Azul in the Coyoacán neighborhood of Mexico City.

Did you know that Google has a project that documents Street Art? Well it does. And it is glorious. One front page feature is the now defunct 5Pointz in Queens. I miss that place 🙁

This one is beautiful AND bizarre – Renaissance-era artist Charles Le Brun made drawings that compare human and animal faces, later inspiring Charles Darwin to write The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.

Featured image, Charles Le Brun, via Wellcome Images

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