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Mad Quickies: Mammoth Is Mopey, Molten Glass on Paper, AfroPuffs and More!

Hey gang. Sorry I haven’t been around, but I have a good excuse. I was working on a big ol’ mural of the New Horizons probe! It’s not that I don’t love you all. It’s just that I love that little spacecraft more. But anyway, I have returned to bring you your mid-week Quickies.

Our SciArt pals, David and Jennie Orr, have an IndieGoGo campaign to publish their alphabet book for kids, “Mammoth Is Mopey”. It’s really neat and you should support them. Here’s what David says “I’m running a crowdfunding campaign for a children’s alphabet book I illustrated and co-wrote with my wife. It’s called Mammoth is Mopey. It’s packed with cute, cartoony prehistoric animals. Some are famous, most are obscure, all are up-to-date with current paleontological thinking. It’s made to be shared between kids and adult caregivers, and for them to learn together – about the animals’ place on Earth and in geological time and how to sound out their names.”

Adah Glenn is the artist behind, AfroPuff. She combines Japanese kawaii, punk, and black culture to challenge the way we think about street art. -Via Amy

Ugh, I love papercraft art. Check out Lobulo Studio.

Artist Zack Mclaughlin creates handmade wood and paper birds and hoo boy! do they look amazing.

This is really cool – The Muppets help explain the science behind what would happen if the mutant Quicksilver ran near you at top speed. It isn’t pretty.

Artist Etsuko Ichikawa uses molten glass to create gorgeous abstract works on paper. I highly recommend watching the video, which I have placed below.

Have you ever tried to Photoshop money? I hadn’t. Until I read this article. Guess what? You can’t even open a scan of a banknote in Photoshop. (I couldn’t even open the screenshot of the error message I got because there was a Canadian banknote in the screenshot).



Etsuko Ichikawa takes you to the burn unit. (sorrynotsorry)




Featured image via me and Photoshop

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