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Mad Quickies: Light Tornadoes, X-ray GIFs, How Lady Armor Works and More!


Hey gang, I was really jonesing for some sweets while putting together your Monday Quickies, so I’m eating some amazing double chocolate chip cookies and getting crumbs all over the keyboard. Worth it.

Astoundingly gorgeous. Photographer Martin Kimbell creates images of votices, tornadoes and waves of light using a hoop filled with LEDs and a long exposure.

Here is some lady armor hilarity worthy of a post by Ryan. – Via Ashley

99% Invisible is my new favorite podcast. It’s all about design in our world. Especially the types of design that we never think about. The episode about CD longboxes really took me back and was totally fascinating.

Our friends at Symbiartic have put together a down-and-dirty guide to copyright. Very handy to have in your bookmarks.

These X-ray GIFs by Cameron Drake are fantastic and now I just want to draw pictures of X-rays and will them to move.

Would you like to design your own bracelet and then have it 3D printed, for free? Of course you would. And Google is here to help. -Via Amy

Have you ever wondered if a robot could play a piano based on what the clouds outside are doing? Wonder no more! This installation by David Bowen uses a camera to capture the movement of clouds and translates that movement into piano music.





Featured image by Martin Kimbell

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