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Mad Quickies: Kinetic Sculptures, Anamorphic Chalk Murals, Portraits of Women Artists and More!

Hey there gang. It’s been a busy week for me so far. But I’m never too busy to share some Quickies with you, Darlene.

Let’s start things off right. Check out these fantastic kinetic sculptures by Jennifer Townley that use *gasp* math and science and stuff! From the artist’s statement: “The works derive from her fascination with science, with an emphasis on physics, engineering and mathematics. Geometric patterns in Islamic art or mathematical drawings of Dutch artist M. C. Escher often serve as an inspiration.” I put an example below. LOOK AT IT NOW PLEASE

Where are the women in art? 100 Portraits: Women Artists at LIU Brooklyn’s Salena Art Gallery features photographs of women artists by Barbara Yoshida.

Kyuha Shim designs typography that is generated by algorithms. Trippy yet readable! -Via Donna

Hell yes! Ina Timling and Ronald Daanen build a science-themed ice sculpture for the World Ice Art Championship. -Via Amy

When music is compressed into mp3 format, something is lost. Ryan Maguire’s project The Ghost in the mp3 records and presents those lost bits. It’s haunting yet recognizable. (Smashley says: “Fair warning: it’s Tom’s Diner, which is the world’s most difficult song to get out of your head.”) -Via Smashley

I love anamorphic chalk murals and so do you. Here, artist Chris Carlson creates an Escher-inspired sidewalk mural. Yes, there is timelapse footage.

Photo-journalist Johnny Haglund documented the world’s largest underground fire. Located in India, the fires have been burning inside of coal mines for 100 years. He looks at the mines, the land, and the people who still live in the surrounding towns.



What?! Kinetic sculptures by Jennifer Townley


Featured image by Jennifer Townley

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