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Mad Quickies: Indoor Ball-Pit Beach, Sunburn Art, 3D Printing Against ISIS and More!

Welcome aboard, mates. It’s time we set sail on a voyage in search of the mid-week Quickies. Someone please buy me a boat.

As we talked about in a recent episode of Mad Art Cast, ISIS has been destroying historical sites and artifacts in Iraq. Morehshin Allahyari, an Iranian born artist, educator, and activist, has begun devising ways to use 3D printing technology to reproduce some of the items that have been destroyed.

These two Female Armor bingo cards are good and needed and relevant. There’s one for armor types and one for the things that fools say when you argue about boobplates with them. -Via Maggie (!)

This book, Natural Histories: 500 Years of Rare Science Illustrations, is a treasure trove of scientific illustration that I will be buying very soon. Make sure you scroll down and see the hippos! -Via Donna

Brooklyn-based experimental studio Snarkitecture (which I’ve just learned is based a few blocks from where I live) has turned 10,000 square feet of the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. into an enormous indoor beach. But instead of sand, it’s a ball pit!

You all know how much we love the New Horizons space probe. In less than one week (ONE WEEK!) it will arrive in the Pluto system. Here’s what we should expect in the run up.

What a cool idea. Artist Russell Powell makes these beautifully detailed drawings on the palm of his hand and then transfers them to paper.

Sunburn art? Please don’t.



Featured image via the American Museum of Natural History / Brainpickings

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