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Mad Quickies: Gin and Tonic Lasers, A Drake Coloring Book, Art Crimes and More!

Oh, hello there. Sorry for my long absence. I’ve been trapped in a movie theater since Star Wars opened. I’ve seen it 632 times. I’ve been able to figure out what the next two movies have in store, just from watching it so many times. Keep reading to find out what I have figured out… with the Wednesday Quickies!

You’ve all seen it. I know you have. I watched it twice. It’s Kylo Ren on Undercover Bosses. -Via Critical Dragon

A Drake coloring book? Yeah, of course. -Via Courtney

Oh, uh whoa. Robert Connett paints gorgeously dense microscopic worlds.

Here’s your chance to help fund an issue of Lightspeed authored entirely by people of color. -Via Critical Dragon

Can you make a laser out of a gin and tonic? Of course you can. Of course you can. -Via Beth

Art Crimes!

Yep. This is right up… anyone’s alley, really – How to work on your creative business when you’re depressed as fuck.



Featured Image via Robert Connett

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