Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Fading Van Goghs, Gluten-Free Art, Beyoncé, Art Crimes and More!

Okay. Buckle up gang. There’s *so much* cool stuff that I don’t even know what to show you first. Let’s go!

Let’s begin with some ART CRIMES.

Photographer Helena Price shows us the faces of those who are underrepresented in the tech field. -Via Dr. Ray

Some Van Gogh paintings are losing their color. Let’s explore the chemistry and the ‘Why?’ -Via Dr. Ray

Whoa. Check out this sculpture of a Deathclaw from Fallout. -Via Courtney

Beyoncé has some words for us regarding her video for Formation. -Via Courtney

I will be going to see this and so should you – A selection of works by pioneering micro-photographer Carl Strüwe will go on display at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York on April 14. -Via Donna

Wait. Gluten-free art? It’s… Just click thru. -Via Jim

I want this. I want this. I want this. And the tech is not new. The Lucy is a type of projector that puts an image right onto your drawing surface. Fun fact: My high school art teacher called our overhead projector “The Lucy”. -Via Donna

The mother of a certain leader of MAL has a classroom project that we can all get behind. Check it out!



Featured image by Carl Strüwe

Brian George

Brian George is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In his spare time he makes videos of Spirograph drawings and complains about doing laundry. Website: Twitter: @brianggeorge Insta: @brianggeorge If you're into what I'm doing, feel free to throw down a bit in my tipjar here: @brianggeorge

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