Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Dresses and Power Tools, Weird GIFs, Snail’s Shell Magnified and More!

Whoa! Sorry for the delay, gang. I got caught up making dinner last night and then one thing led to another and I found myself flying thru space, zipping around Saturn… wait. I fell asleep and dreamed that. I fell asleep and forgot to schedule the Quickies. Yep. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

I so wish I could see this in person – Check out the huge installations at the newly renovated Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian.

This is apparently a snail’s shell magnified 2500:1 and not, as I thought, the tallest cliffs I’ve ever seen. Wow.

Would you like to live in this high-rise that’s basically a vertical forest? I know I would.

Jacob Riis photographed the slums of New York city in the 19th century. Now, a retrospective of his photography is on view at the Museum of the City of New York. It’s the first retrospective of his work since 1947.

Oh how I love these paintings by Kelly Reemtsen. Dresses and power tools. I won’t say any more. Just look.

Here’s your GIF of the day. It’s called Weird Dancing in All-Night Computer-Banking Lobbies, and yeah, it’s weird.



Featured image by Jacob Riis

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Brian George

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