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Mad Quickies: Bowie’s Blackstar in Sunlight, The Woman Card Is Real, Art Crimes and Way More!

Hey kids, we’ve made it to the middle of the week and there’s so many cool stories to share. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

David Bowie is the gift that keeps on giving – it turns out that if you leave the gatefold artwork of his last album, Blackstar, out in the sun, you’ll get a nice surprise. -Via Amy

Here’s a radio segment from WNYC on how looking at art can help with your communication and perception skills. -Via Amy

As a podcaster who regularly listens to his own voice, this is relevant to my life. And probably yours too- What that feeling of cringing at the sound of your own voice says about you. -Via… Amy, again!

Lots of my friends back in in high school had very specific music choices when it came to getting high. But it turns out that a neuroscientist has the actual job of putting together playlists for people tripping on LSD. That’s his job. -Via Donna

A cat collar that translates your kittens meows into speech?!?! It sounds too good to be true! (Because it is) Fooey. -Via Critical Dragon

The idea for The Woman Card became a thing after The Donald criticized Hillary Clinton. So a Kickstarter was born and Hey Presto! There’s now a whole deck of Woman Cards! -Via Donna

A new exhibition shows that artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was an inspiration not just for other artists, but for many other types of creatives as well. -Via Courtney

Here are your weekly ART CRIMES.


Featured image by Zach and Zebby Wahls via their Kickstarter


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