Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Art Crimes, Petri Dish Art, Apollo Images and Way More!

Hey gang, I’ve got a weird and rad bunch of links for you today. So let’s not dilly dally, okay?

Here’s what you are doing with the rest of your day – NASA has released over 8000 high resolution images taken by the astronauts of the Apollo missions. -Via Amy

Would you like a box of rain for your living room? Of course you would. Let the Tempescope do the rest. -Via Amy

I’ve always been fascinated by the remains of Pompeii. And now, there are 3D printed scans of the victims of Vesuvius. -Via Donna

This week in Art Crimes.

What if your high school biology dissection looked like this? Knitted dissection ‘animals’ by Emily Stoneking.

Meet the young girl who was the inspiration for the animated Alice in Wonderland.

Petri dish art? Yes.


Featured image – Neurons: submitted by Mehmet Berkmen of New England Biolabs, with artist Maria Penil.

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