Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Orgasms, Thrift Store Paintings, Enormous Sunspots and More!

It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies! I’m gathering links for you while listening to the new Ex Hex album and drinking a Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, so everything is pretty great actually.

Our pals at CosmoQuest are offering online classes including an “Astronomy in Literature” class being co-taught by astronomers and a poet! – Via Nicole

Okay this one blew us at The Lab away – For Inktober, artist Austin Light has illustrated a daily ink drawing of Reddit’s movie title typos. Our collective fav is “Oh Bother, Where Art Thou”. -Via Ryan

What does an orgasm look like to you? Girl On The Net readers submit their images and interpretations. I like the one with the owl. – Via Donna

Poooooooossssibly my new favorite thing – From The Toast, Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals In Western Art History. – Via Courtney

An installation called “Immersion” by artist Crystal Wagner is a Seussian delight made from repurposed plastic.

Once again, artist Dave Pollot has added pop culture weirdness to thrift store paintings. I love them and want to live in them.





The Sun creeps me out sometimes. It’s so enormous and chaotic. But it is also beautiful and the Solar Dynamics Observatory has recently captured the largest sunspot observed in 22 years.




Featured image “The Hand That Bites” by Dave Pollot

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