Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Precious Metal Cocoons, Galactic Empire Propaganda, Chocolate Geometry and More!

Ahoy! It’s time to get your week started off with some Quickies. I’ve spent the entire weekend scouring The Internet™ just for you. Because you are the light of my life.

This is a brilliant idea, with a stunning outcome. Caddisfly larvae build temporary aquatic cocoons with whatever is lying around, using a silk they secrete to hold everything together. Artist Hubert Duprat decided to see what would happen if he gave the caddisfly larvae bits of gold and other precious materials to build their cocoons. Wow wow wow.

Which type of Stormtrooper would you like to be? Enlist now! Galactic Empire propaganda posters.

This is what happens when a design firm collaborates with a chocolatier – hidden layers of geometry are revealed as the layers of chocolate are scraped away. P.S. I could probably eat that whole thing.

Guy Trefler’s graduate design project is one part Terry Gilliam, one part Andy Warhol and one part Internet thief. His cool and goofy video Not Mine.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was this past weekend. Here’s some great cosplay from the con, here, here and here.








Seriously, check this out. I want one in my apartment at all times so I can always be eating fancy chocolate.



Featured Image – Trichoptera (caddis larva) building case. Photographer: Frédéric Delpech

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