Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Photographic Hoaxes, Mount Doom Subway Stop, The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas and More!

Well here we are. It’s Friday again. Before you begin staring at the clock, counting the minutes til your weekend begins, stare at these Quickies that I’ve assembled. Just for you. Yes. You, Frank.

“My work – I wouldn’t want to be pretentious – is pedagogic. It’s a pedagogy of doubt, protecting us from the disease of manipulation.” The photographic hoaxes of photographer Joan Fontcuberta. -Via Daniela

I haven’t seen one of these in-person yet, but I really hope I do: Lord of the Rings inspired subway service notices in NYC.

When a Freedom of Information request includes images, the FBI redacts peoples’ faces. This is maybe art? Smashley says, “I just want to doodle kindergarten-style faces in those white boxes.”

Lauren found this for us: The Big Coloring Book of Vaginas. Please, PLEASE read the reviews. Might be safe for work?

If you wanted to represent your home state in Lego, what scene you choose? Would it be one of these? As a native of New Jersey, I can vouch that a carousel horse HAS come to life while I was riding it. Twice. -Via Beth

You may want to wait until after lunch to click this one: Photographer Maija Tammi captures beautiful and thought-provoking images of diseased body parts after they have been surgically removed. – Via Smashley




I bet I could eat all of these pancakes as fast as this chef cooks them. Now, pass the boysenberry syrup. (Also this is probably China, not Japan)


Featured Image via Puck Works

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Brian George

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