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New OK Go Music Video Features Over 1,000 Musical Instruments Hit By A Moving Vehicle

from the page—
The new music video from OK Go, made in partnership with Chevrolet. OK Go set up over 1000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles. A Chevy Sonic was outfitted with retractable pneumatic arms designed to play the instruments, and the band recorded this version of Needing/Getting, singing as they played the instrument array with the car. The video took 4 months of preparation and 4 days of shooting and recording. There are no ringers or stand-ins; Damian took stunt driving lessons. Each piano had the lowest octaves tuned to the same note so that they’d play the right note no matter where they were struck. For more information and to download the studio version of the song for free, visit and Many thanks to Chevy for believing in and supporting such an insane and ambitious project, and to Gretsch for providing the guitars and amps.

Director: Brian L. Perkins & Damian Kulash, Jr.
Director of Photography: Yon Thomas
Editor: Doug Walker
Producer: Luke Ricci


Featured image by Marco Martins.


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  1. OK Go: showing us all that it’s OK to dream big.

    Been reading Questionable Content for years now. It’s a slice of life so long as your life includes sentient AI’s in full functional robots. Fun stuff.

  2. Mad: I’m really happy that they’ve proven to be much more than a few synched treadmills.

    Coele: Re: slice of life … doesn’t everyone’s include full functional robots?

  3. Feel free to add this complimentary y to my previous comment.

    Hmmm, my phone is an android after all, maybe there’s something to this….[spends the next hour Turing testing all his personal electronics] Dammit, North Americans get all the best toys.

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