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Author: Victor

Trained in the ways of critical thinking and skepticism at a young age by his mother, Victor then learned the ways of atheism during ten years of catholic schooling. He has been a Dj since 1996. a performance poet since 1999, a cheesecake baker and entrepreneur since 2003, and a race car driver since he figured out which pedal was the accelerator, which pedal was the brake and which pedal was the clutch, there is a rumor that there is a video of him doing these four pursuits at the same time...but it is as of yet unsubstantiated. He is also an avid Formula 1 fan, and would like to add: Go Lewis.

Project X

On July 18, 2013

My meager take down of the “law of attraction.” Not that any of you need convincing. Right? Exactly.


On October 25, 2012

Corporal punishment/ spanking is still common in American Society, ignoring articles and studies demonstrating its negative effects. It tends to be more prevalent in the African American Continue Reading

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