Reason Rally/ American Atheist National Convention coming soon!

On March 24th atheists, humanists, agnostics, brights, skeptics, pastafarians and many other rational, reasonable people will be gathering on the national mall in Washington D.C. Throughout the day we will be entertained by a list of luminaries in the atheist/skeptic community, TV personalities, Musicians, Scientist, Spokespeople, Organization leaders, Activists…and a poet. All yours for the low low price of FREE*! Yep, I originally only planned on being an attendee of the rally and enjoying the company and words of people whom I hold in high esteem, but after much begging and pleading I’ll have a short moment to share my words with a completely friendly audience, something that’s only happened a handful of times. I won’t be the only Mad Art Labber in attendance, but I’ll let them announce themselves. If you plan on making the rally let us know in the comments, we’d all love to meet you if it can be arranged. A full list of the day’s speakers can be found here.

Also happening that Sunday and Monday will be the American Atheist National Convention at the Bethesda North Marriott and Convention Center in Bethesda, MD. There is an impressive list of speakers for the Convention and I get a brief moment each day after lunch to share a poem. The convention is unfortunately not free, but will definitely be worth it if you can manage. Details and a full list of the speakers for the AA Convention can be found here.

*Travel expenses not included.


Trained in the ways of critical thinking and skepticism at a young age by his mother, Victor then learned the ways of atheism during ten years of catholic schooling. He has been a Dj since 1996. a performance poet since 1999, a cheesecake baker and entrepreneur since 2003, and a race car driver since he figured out which pedal was the accelerator, which pedal was the brake and which pedal was the clutch, there is a rumor that there is a video of him doing these four pursuits at the same time...but it is as of yet unsubstantiated. He is also an avid Formula 1 fan, and would like to add: Go Lewis.

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  1. I like that so far, the only confirmed Mad Art Labbers attending an event in DC are all from California. C’mon East coasters!

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