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Mad Quickies 10.7 Lite!

  • Look, if this works, then you won’t question if this is art or science or what. You’ll just thank us. “Remember the names of everyone you’ve slept with – breath spray.” You’re welcome. And please remember when you hit up the comments section—we’re reporting, not advocating. Sheesh.
  • Pac Man wall decals from Lost at E Minor, our new favorite site and guilty pleasure.
  • A milk jug igloo. Just because it’s awesome.
  • And a nod to something that resembles literature: A Tea People’s History — the real story of America, as told by a person who wasn’t there but who has watched a lot of Glenn Beck. It seems to be illustrated.
  • And now for your moment of Brazilian bossa nova zen, we give you:
    Prairie Dogs Riding a Roomba
  • We’ve found through dedicated research for SCIENCE that animals riding a Roomba is a thing. And this one is hands-down the best thing we’ve seen on the net, for y’know, hours.



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  1. The problem with making fun of the tea baggers is that they’re already seriously *out there*. It’s kind of hard to satirize it when it kind of already does that. :/

  2. Quickies Lite? LITE? It’s going to take me a month to get through these links (considering how drunk I am)*

    *I’m not really drunk. That was meant as a humorous aside

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